Does a Lamb Stray Like a Lion?

(2019 - now)

When I close my eyes and I think about my childhood, I see an army of females. There was no male influence in my upbringing and for the biggest part of my life I have been looking at men with great perplexity. ‘Does a Lamb Stray Like a Lion?’ shows an exploration of what masculinity is and could be in the 21st century. It is a dialogue between me and three brothers named Jan (21), Józef (12) and Jeremi (1). They take me on board as we discover this complex thing called manhood. Sinking and swimming between what is expected and what is desired, we meet.



(2017 - now)

Over the past decades, feminist movements around the globe have made it possible for more women to enter domains that were originally considered masculine. As a feminist I wonder: do we give men equal chances to liberate themselves when it comes to embracing vulnerability and feminity? With my 'ADAM' project I'm trying to question the alpha male stereotype that is put up on men by popular culture and try offer a new way of representation.



The Memories Hide Like a Shadow in My Brain


Research suggests that for some their childhood trauma is so distressing that in order to protect itself, the brain subjugates or represses the memory of it. This is called childhood amnesia. This state of mind does not only repress the traumatic events but it totally blocks people from remembering the simplest things of their childhood. This is me putting the pieces of the puzzle back together and reconstruct these lost memories.


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