My name is Loretta Monique Mulders (1993, NL).

I am a photographer who graduated from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. 

When I close my eyes and I think about my childhood, I see an army of women. For as long as I remember femininity has ruled the world around me. Growing up in non-conformist atmospheres, I have always been trying to understand what it takes for something to be considered normal and when does something become odd. Working alongside the topics of feminism, masculinity and mental health my projects often start as an investigation into the boundaries of accepted and established beliefs. With the work I make I aim to offer a different perspective rather than to give an answer. Through portraiture and still lives I create visual narratives that are balancing on a fine line between reality and fiction. In this way I create worlds that may not exist, but feel safe to believe in.




Push It To The Limit Graduation Teaser

Melkweg Expo Amsterdam, May 24 - May 27 2019

Noun presents ‘GOOD WORK’

The Grey Space in The Middle, January 2018, The Hague

A Breath of Fresh Air

Royal Academy of Art Gallery, May 2017, The Hague

PUSH IT collective - Pop up exhibition

Exhibition of selected projects executed during the 4-day production week on location, March 2017, Bratislava SK

VOGUE Polska - 'Adam obnaża stereotypy'

'Adam exposes stereotypes', interview and article by Paulina Klepacz, 24 March 2019, Warsaw PL


Freelance Photo Editor

Het Parool - newspaper (Amsterdam, NL) 2005-2010

PUSH IT collective

Photography collective (The Hague, NL) 2017 - present day

Editor in Chief

FELLOW magazine (The Hague, NL) 2019 - present day 



Journalism / BA

University of Utrecht (Utrecht, NL) 2010-2012

Lifestyle Transformation Design / BA

Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam, NL) 2013 - 2015


Photography / BA

Royal Academy of Art (The Hague, NL) 2015 - 2019


Photo Editor

Het Parool - newspaper (Amsterdam, NL) february 2018 - may 2018


RTL productions (Hilversum, NL) may 2012 - november 2012